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9 Checkout Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

There are two ways to increase sales. Either by attracting more visitors to your website – or – convert more of your existing traffic to paying customers.

Depending on your budget, you may already be paying for online advertising through search engines and social media. But is pouring more money into it the answer, considering that there’s always room to improve your checkout process? Probably not. And why spend more, when you could reduce your customer acquisition costs just by testing and optimising a few things on your website.

One of the most important steps in your funnel is your checkout process, the journey a customer takes from landing on your website going all the way to paying for your products.

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We’ve listed nine case studies here for you to help you convert more traffic into paying customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies For Your Checkout Process

1. Clean increased conversions by 16%

With a conversion rate of 60% and 125k monthly visitors, The Clean Program wanted to ensure more people completed their checkout process. They managed to achieve a 16% increase in conversion by creating a 3-tabbed layout, adding interactive cues and customising their checkout to be consistent with their brand. Read the full case study.

Courtesy of Awesome Checkout

2. Single Page vs. Multi-Step Checkout

What works better – one-page or multistep checkout? That’s what the folks at Elastic Path Software set out to find out when they reworked the official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store. Through A/B testing, they found that the one-page checkout outperformed the multi-step checkout by 21.8%

Courtesy of GetElastic


3. 66% Conversion Boost With Faster Page Speed

Ever wondered how a slow load times affect conversion? The people at Unbounce published a case study from Strangeloop who tested just what the effect was.

What they did was slow down their website to see how it affected their conversion and discovered a 66% boost in conversion with faster page speeds.

4. Removing navigation from checkout process

The last thing you want to do is distract people from completing your checkout process. In this case study, Optimizely examined what happens when removing the navigation menu and found that revenue per visitor increased by 14%!

For all the details, read the full case study here


5. E-commerce Website Increases Revenue by 300%

By making four changes to Century Hearing Aids’ website, CrazyEgg was able to raise their conversion by 220% and increase revenue by a whopping 300%! Now who wouldn’t want numbers like!

CrazyEgg focused on four areas; establishing trust, optimising traffic source, adding relevant product and adjusting visitor flow to achieve those numbers – they explain how they did it on their blog.

6. Adding people increases conversion by 102.5%

Project management application Basecamp set out to improve their conversion rate by A/B testing their homepage. One of their tests was simple and involved putting a picture of a real person on their homepage. With that change, they managed to increase conversion by 102.5%. The full case study is published on their blog and also highlights other variations they tried.


7. How 2 Words Lifted Insound’s Checkout Funnel Conversion to 54%

Inbound launched a new checkout process which looked great on mobile and tablet. But the online music store noticed their conversation rate took a hit and was underperforming.

In this case study by Optimizely, they walk us through the tests they conducted that lead them to change the text on a button from “Continue” to “Review Order”, resulting in a 54% funnel conversion increase.


8. Recoup 30% of “Card Declined” Abandonments

According to this study by the Baymard Institute, ‘card declined’ errors can account for 2–5% of potential sales. However, they explain how you can salvage some of that revenue by suggesting an alternative payment method – and even suggest a more advanced solution.


9. Cut your abandonment rate by half

Online retailer ASOS changed one thing about their checkout which was adding the possibility to checkout as a guest. In this case study by Econsultancy they highlight how ASOS was able to persuade 50% more customers to checkout. Econsultancy also included their analysis of why it worked so well and provide their best practices for a persuasive checkout process.

While these case studies give you an indication of what works for the companies mentioned, you’ll still need to your own round of testing. Each website is different and caters to different audiences. However, through testing different variations of each step of your checkout process, you’ll eventually find what works for you.

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